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Mara Katria Reveals Upcoming Debut EP
With the Iconic Band MODERN ENGLISH

Plus a New Song Mastered at Real World Studios
Entitled "Midnight Mind"

Announcement video for *Debut EP* and *Single* coming this year (2019).

It’s here! It has begun! I, Mara Katria, am beyond thrilled to announce two productions, one more epic than the last thanks to those involved. First, an original song “Midnight Mind” — mastered just this autumn at the immortal Real World Studios (coming early 2019)! For the second bit of breaking news: certain temporal oddities opened a portal by which I’ve been able to write and perform an EP of five original songs with the iconic post-punk, new-wave band Modern English! Repeat: MODERN ENGLISH! Release for the album, code-named Modern M, is slated for first half-2019! Even that does not tell the whole story, so do enjoy the video and please feel encouraged to come along for the journey via social media (links below) and/or the official website by friending/subscribing. God speed!
Please Talk with Me: 30th Anniversary Edition COMPLETED!

Please Talk with Me: 30th Anniversary Edition (aka PTWM-30) includes new insights from the people who survived the ordeal, never-before-seen footage, uncovered photographs, and a wealth of new work by award winning director/editor, Mara Katria. CITA Productions has made PTWM-30 available for order via the PTWM Store and the PayPal link below.

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