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     Ms. Mara Katria is primarily a film director for EiA Studios. This culminated from and around a fervor for several creative fields including: audio engineering, voice over, editing, graphic art, programming, world building and the like.

     Mara is often engaged with a focused project or production -- currently the paranormal docu-thriller she directed and edited: Please Talk with Me (30th Anniversary Edition) with screenplay adapted by Chris Di Cesare (SyFy), from the "C2D1 Journal Notes" by J. Jeff Ungar and produced by William Edwards (CITA Ventures). Meanwhile, she intermittently leads videogame MODs and creates what she hopes are evocative, meaningful musical pieces.

     Both personally and professionally, Katria often delves into times that came before her own and those of legend. She can be quoted as saying: "There is much there, in the mists of time -- beautiful, haunting, frightening, inspiring, healing. There are things that should not be lost, and somehow I got the privilege of being a story teller in these days."

Press Kit
Best Feature Best Director      Press kits for Mara Katria and the films she is involved with are available by request (info@marakatria.com). All of the information contained in this website may be used to advertise for interviews with her, et cetera.

    Also, an extensive list of news and events may be found on the Please Talk with Me film's press page.

Please Talk with Me: 30th Anniversary Edition COMPLETED!

Please Talk with Me: 30th Anniversary Edition (aka PTWM-30) includes new insights from the people who survived the ordeal, never-before-seen footage, uncovered photographs, and a wealth of new work by award winning director/editor, Mara Katria. CITA Productions has made PTWM-30 available for order via the PTWM Store and the PayPal link below.

•  $10.00 ( + $4.95 shipping) 

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