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     The path to Mara Katria's directing and editing motion pictures actually stemmed from related fields. Gymnastics was the beginning, which led to theater and evolved into games (via voice-over direction and world building). During the creation of the expansive MOD for The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion entitled "Et in Arkay Ego", Mara worked with William Edwards. Ultimately, Mr. Edwards signed on to produce the film, "Please, talk with me". That was the first movie she directed.

     Katria views it as nothing short of a gift to have been the director/editor of PTWM -- a paranormal docu-thriller that recreated the true story of the C2D1 Haunting. Those events, witnessed by over a dozen students, took place in Geneseo College, 1985. At the center were the key witness, J. Jeff Ungar, and the unfortunate focus of the phenomena, Chris Di Cesare.

     In 2012, PTWM premiered at SCARE-A-CON to a packed house, and the companion book to the film by Rev. Tim Shaw was published! Additionally, Di Cesare and Ungar were strongly featured in the hit episode, "Dorm Room Nightmare", of SyFy's TV series School Spirits (Jarrett Creative & Mark Burnett).

     The excitement has continued as PTWM was honored with Best Director at the Wilson Film Fest in 2013 and awarded Best Feature at Spirit Quest Film Fest in 2014! The films team is forever grateful to, and humbled by, the survivors for being so brave and generous as to share their story.
"Please, talk with me" Film
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Please Talk with Me: 30th Anniversary Edition COMPLETED!

Please Talk with Me: 30th Anniversary Edition (aka PTWM-30) includes new insights from the people who survived the ordeal, never-before-seen footage, uncovered photographs, and a wealth of new work by award winning director/editor, Mara Katria. CITA Productions has made PTWM-30 available for order via the PTWM Store and the PayPal link below.

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